A solution to the traffic problem

A solution to the traffic problem.

Here is a solution to the traffic problem.  A tax credit of $5,000 for you to move to be within 1 mile of your job, or get a new job within 1 mile of where you live. For example, a Mary lives in Vienna and works in Bethesda for Marriott as an accountant. Bob lives in Silver Spring and works in Falls Church for IBM as an technician. Everyday they head in opposite directly on 495 and cross at the American Legion Bridge.
If Mary loves Virginia and would never think of moving to MD., fine, Mary can get a new job within a mile of her home in Virginia and get the credit. Bob says I love my job with IBM, fine, Bob can find a new residence within a mile of his existing employer IBM and get the 5,000 credit. We have just gotten 2 people off the expressway without having to pour one more foot of concrete.
Think of the amount of billable productive hours that are sitting on the highways, the cost of the autos, the cost of the fuel. This is an idea to alleviate the traffic problem. Keep in mind, right row, if you move for Arlington, where you work, to more than 50 miles to start a new job you get a tax deduction for the move on your 1040. Is $5,000 the right number? Maybe it has to be adjusted to income or geographic location where traffic is the worst.