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As the owner of a business, have you done the following?

  • Incorporated the business in your state?
  • Applied for a Federal ID Number?
  • Set up an accounting system you feel comfortable using?
  • Set up a system to prepare your payroll (in-house vs. using a payroll service)?
  • Planned for your next annual tax return?
  • Prepared the forms located below, if applicable?

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    Arthur Lander is a local Certified Public Accountant with over 30 years of experience working with small businesses. He is also an Attorney at Law specializing in business law and new business formations.

    Forms for Small Businesses

    You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these forms, available free if you click here. If you have trouble printing the graphics, uncheck the “Print colors as black” checkbox on the print screen for Acrobat Reader.

    Arlington County Forms

    Arlington County Business License Tax Filing – File and pay online
    Arlington County Application for Occupancy

    Fairfax County Forms
    Fairfax County Business Professional and Occupational License Application
    Fairfax County Business Personal Property Tax Form

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    Federal Forms

    Application for Employer Identification Number (EIN)
    This is a link directly to the online application for your EIN. This number is required for all businesses and is basically the corporate equivalent to a Social Security Number. For more information about the EIN, learn more at the IRS’s website here.
    Form 2553 — Election by a Small Business Corporation
    This form is an application for corporations electing S-Status.
    Other Federal Forms and Publications
    This link takes you to the IRS website for Federal forms. From there, you can find specific forms via number or by year.

    General Info on Forms

    Business License

    To be filed annually, the business license is a permit issued by the government that allows you to do business in your area. As with any tax form, you will receive a penalty if you do not file it on time. Each city/county has their own form to apply and usually there are different policies regarding business licenses. For example, the Arlington County Business License return must be filed annually by any individual, partnership, or corporation in any form of business regardless of the total amount of gross receipts.

    Business Tangible Property

    To be filed annually, this return is designed to inform the local government of all tangible personal property owned and located in its jurisdiction. This return must be filed by businesses (and those who are self-employed) that are using tangible property. Even if you don’t own, lease, or possess personal property, you are required to sign the form and attach a statement confirming that you don’t have personal property and explaining how you conduct your business.

    Occupancy Permit
    To be filed once, the Occupancy Permit is required of any business that resides over any physical space in your city/county. You are not permitted to operate your business until you have been issued this Certificate. After the application is submitted, the city or county may send in an inspector to insure the property is within their specifications.

    Home Occupancy Permit
    To be filed once, the Home Occupancy Permit lists conditions that the city/county asks home occupations be conducted by. In order for one to work out of his or her home, they must comply with these conditions and sign the form, affirming their compliance with the requirements put forth.

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